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About Samos

About Samos

The Samos Group was originally founded in 1969 by Jim and Anna Hatziandreou.  The strong family business has evolved over the years from manufacturing kangaroo hides in the early days to now being one of the largest Tanners, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers of Kangaroo Skins, Kangaroo Scrotums, and Merino Sheepskins in Australia.

Originally situated in Botany, NSW, the company has now relocated to Melbourne VIC, and continues to build on the strong reputation for excellence in their field, and is the largest supplier of certified Kangaroo leather products to retailers all over Australia. All of our raw materials are sourced as a by-product of the Meat industry in Australia, and are members of the Australian Wild Game Industry Council. Further information can be found here.

Samos prides itself on being 100% Australian Owned and Operated. All our products are responsibility and ethically sourced, following the national code of practice for the humane treatment of kangaroos. We only purchase from reputable suppliers who are members of the Australian Wild Game Industry Council.

When you buy a product from Samos, you are guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the outstanding quality, service, and reputation that our company is founded on.